Monday, November 26, 2007

Getting Started.......

What I have gathered so far......

Dear Jane book, by Brenda Manges Papapdakis

Dear Jane ruler set

"Janiac on Board" bumper sticker

Small penknife. says "Dear Jane" and "Dear Hannah", has the web address...I got this ages ago when I ordered something from the Mother-site

Freezer Paper sheets, to print ?? when I get the CD-ROM

Altoids can make a mini travel sewing kit out of it!!??

pencil, pins and a needle.

silk thread

6 pieces of Civil War Era reproduction fabric.

Background is MEANT to be all stained and used like!!

I also begged some index cards from DH.....will record each block, and each fabric I use.

think that about covers it for now.

....BTW.....have I mentioned I sometimes get a little OCD about things?


Jeanne said...

Christine, it'll be fun to follow the progress of your blocks. Will you be hand or machine piecing or a combination of both?

atet said...

OCD? Sounds like you are simply organized to me!