Saturday, November 24, 2007

the journey begins.......again.

I am re-inspired by the blogging community.

I had previously begun no less than three Dear Jane inspired quilts. None of them have been finished.

I wasn't very happy with the first two, my seam marking were too noticable.

The third was started two years ago, before baby #9 was born. I wanted that quilt to be something special, and started it with 30's reproduction fabrics I had "on hand". Since then, the background I had chosen (a very nice white Muslin) has been discontiued. What the store now sells as Muslin is vastly different.

Fourth time lucky.......

Mt latest attempt will use reproduction fabrics from around the time of the American Civil War.

I chose a new background, it is worn and stained looking, but a new fabric. Still have to check that I can get enough for the whole quilt.

This time too, I will gather extra supplies, the CD-ROM, so I can print templates, and a bag/box especially for this project

Perhaps Santa will even bring some fabrics for the quilt!

......until next time,



Quilting Pirate said...

Good luck!! The cd is awsome especially if you know how to paper piece. A lot of the blocks can be finished that way!

And I'll toss in a few extra things into your package I have for you!

Challenge yourself to one block a week! Baby steps!

Jeanne said...

I'm happy to hear you are excited about making your blocks. If you have blocks prepped ahead of time, that really helps move your numbers up. Enjoy your stitching!