Friday, December 19, 2008

Sad days

I belong to a lovely bunch of people on the internet. We are all making the same quilt. It has over 5000 pieces. One person has a list of us on the side bar of her blog, she is the head cheer-leader on this massive project

Unfortunately, I don't want to mention its (the quilt) name, as there seems to be confusion over when and where the name, and the image of the quilt can be used, and what infringes copyright.

When I first saw a picture of this particular quilt, I was drawn to it. Then I found out that there was a book and a set of templates to help make each block, so I bought them

I joined a mailing list to get support and help in making this particular quilt, I have unsubscribed from that group. It was fine for the motivation, it just didn't have pictures.

Did I mention that I am a visual learner??

Anyways, the upshoot is that I now have a lovely long and convoluted blog name, and am hoping that the woman that is cheering us on continues to do so.

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